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Program - DRama

Our drama programs focus on developing students’ self-confidence, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, self-expression, empathy, and creative and artistic abilities – all while having loads of fun!  

Lessons include a variety of games and activities that incorporate a variety of drama components. Each lesson has the following structure:

  • Warmup – introductions and fun ice-breaker games such as Follow the Leader, Simon Says, Name Games, Mirroring.

  • Vocalisation – breathing techniques, vocal warmups, vocal placement, articulation, character expression.

  • Movement – developing awareness of body’s physical and energetic properties, using the body to create characters and shapes, understanding of the use of space, height and depth.

  • Drama techniques – stagecraft, improvisation, understanding emotion, building environment, script analysis, working with direction, storytelling, character development, ensemble work. 

  • Drama practice – devising a piece of theatre, utilising or adapting a text or creating a new work, introduction to the use of set, props, costumes, lighting and sound techniques to enhance performance, conduct rehearsals, final performances.

Students are encouraged and challenged to try new things in a supportive environment to build resilience and think creatively. Working in groups to do activities or create scenes cultivates respect for others while fostering the skills to listen, focus, and follow directions. 

We currently have three classes available for different age groups and experience.

Drama for Fun - Little Divas

Pre-Primary Drama Class (Ages 4 - 7)

Our Little Divas class is a fun and engaging way to introduce your diva to the world of theatre in a fun filled and friendly environment. Our safe space will provide an opportunity for your child to grow in confidence and provide an opportunity for them to allow their creativity to flow. This class will introduce your child to basic acting skills, body and movement activities, emotions and socialisation exercises, a variety of theatre games as well as the opportunity to perform in concerts and eisteddfods, if desired. 

* At present this class is only offered in Forbes

Drama Class

Drama for Early Learners - Dazzling Divas

Primary Drama Class (Ages 8 - 12)

Our Dazzling Divas class is aimed at primary school aged students and is more advanced in nature then the younger class. While providing a safe and fun environment for the children to learn and grow as individuals and as a group, this class dives into higher acting skills, script and stage work, characterisation and improvisation as well as performance preparation and theatre games. There is the opportunity for the students to perform in concerts and eisteddfods if desired as well as other community events. 

* This class is part of our Drama Package Deal

Photo 18-4-2024, 10 45 50 AM.jpg

Drama for Young Adults - Epic Divas

Senior Drama Class (Ages 13 - 18)

Our Epics Divas class is aimed at high school aged students and is our most advanced acting class for children. This class is a great stepping stone for children who want to persue acting as a career or just enjoy being a part of something creative and different. This class explores advanced acting skills, specialised theatre styles, script and stage work, set design, puppetry, lighting, individual and group work, directing skills and performance preparation. Similar to the other classes, the students have the opprotunity, and highly encouraged, to perform in concerts, eisteddfods and community events to allow them as much acting exposure as possible. 

* This class is part of our Drama Package Deal

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