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These programs are presently offered in Forbes only with the hopes of adding extra music and flare to the Forbes community. These classes go hand in hand to provide your children with a wealth of theatrical knowledge and experience. The musical theatre class highlights the acting side of theatre, whilst the show choir focuses on vocal training and performance. Along with our primary and senior drama classes, these provide an extensive acting program that suits children of all ages and experience. 

These programs are great for social skill development, confidence building, building friendships, team building, performance preparation plus more. The skills learned during these classes can be used beyond the stage and can greatly benefit your child outside of the theatre. 

Musical Theatre Class

Ages 10 - 18

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines singing, spoken dialogue, acting and movement. Music plays the major role in musical theatre and therefore our classes mainly focus around music, characterisation acting and movement. Our musical theatre class builds upon our weekly primary and senior drama classes, which focuses on all areas of acting and theatre styles, more information on these classes can be found here

During this class your child will learn the following skills:

  • Vocal projection

  • Vocal articulation

  • Basic singing skills

  • Character movement

  • Moving to music

  • Improvisation skills

  • Sight/script reading

  • Character acting

* At present this class is only offered in Forbes

* This class is part of our Drama Package Deal

Show Choir

Ages 10 - 18

A show choir is a musical ensemble that combines choral singing with choreographed dance and known as a type of performing art often associated with a 'glee club' or 'pitch perfect' type performance style. Our show choir is an extension of our musical theatre class (though can be taken independantly) with its main focus being vocal training and performance. Unlike traditional choirs, our show choir will use modernised, upbeat music to ensure the students have fun and enjoy their time in the class. The student will also have the opportunity to perform at eisteddfods and concerts as well as perform individually for the class on occassions. 


During this class the students will learn the following skills:

  • Advanced vocal training

  • Improved posture

  • Vocal articulation and projection

  • Breathing techniques

  • Performance preperation

  • Movement skills

  • Increased core strength and stamina

* At present this class is only offered in Forbes

* This class is part of our Drama Package Deal

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